Text Environment Modeling and Animation

Completed: 2012

My Involvement: All aspects

Materials/Software: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, GarageBand, Soundbooth

With this project, I wanted to try integrating text in an environment. This is my first attempt at nurbs modeling and the final version features both polygonal and nurbs modeling techniques. To begin the process, I decided to create an evnivonrment with a carnivorous plant theme. I based the design of the plants on the Nepenthes (also known as the “Pitcher” plant). After making preliminary sketches, I modeled the plants and imported text from Illustrator and converted it into three dimensional forms. The font is called Insectia, and I chose it because of the visual and conceptual connections to the insect eating plants. After texturing and lighting the scene, I animated the plants and added some additional camera movement to create a more immersive sense of space.