Nick Helton – Co-Direction, Camera, Animation, Editing, Sound
Ben Scott – Co-Direction, Cinematography, Animation, Editing
Alyssa Barrett – Animation, Research, Production Crew
Thomas Crocker – Preliminary Camera
Christina Kim – Makeup
Dwayne Martin – Production Crew
Leesa Moore – Camera, Production Crew
Gillian Paige – Costume Design
Daniel Rode – Camera, Production Crew

Anna Bailer, Zoe Blevins, Christine Van Hoever, Jasmine Rhodes and Agee Taylor

Music by Nick Helton with additional samples by “The Hunter” by Jobro and “ohm_sing_cI2_cut_ms_st” by Thanvannispen

Special thanks to Katherine Diuguid, Patrick Fitzgerald, Marc Russo and Justin LeBlanc, Lee Cherry, Thomas Crocker, Lorrie Guess, Liz Hume, Ji Junjie, Alisa Katz, Lawrence Lee, Tracy Temple and Tih-Yuan Wang

Special thanks to Lisa Gatens, Benjamin Hess, Brian OShea, and Trish Weaver of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences