Art2Wear Title Sequence

Completed: 2013

Client: College of Design, North Carolina State University

My Involvement: Concept, Co-Direction, Camera, Compositing, Animation, Sound Design, Editing

Primary Collaborators: Ben Scott and Alyssa Barrett
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Materials/Software: Digital Cameras, Omni, Pro, and LED Lights, Glidetrack Hybrid, Mixed-Media Materials, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, GarageBand, Soundbooth


For my master’s thesis project, I, along with a group of collaborators, created the Art2Wear title sequence for the 2013 fashion show held on the campus of North Carolina State University. The theme for the 2013 show was “Hypernatural”. The goal of the sequence was to capture the hypernatural theme and the dynamic, collaborative, and innovative spirit of the show through a hybrid media approach. This project was a group venture involving collaboration with a number of individuals from the College of Design, the College of Textiles, the Film Studies program, and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Art2Wear (A2W) is an educational event where students gain experience by coordinating and producing an annual show. Young designers are challenged to imagine, create, and inspire by expressing their point of view through wearable art. This highly anticipated event fuses the talents of both NC State’s College of Design and College of Textiles, exposing student designers to the broader field of fashion.

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My research includes the documentation and discussion of influences and precedents in areas of cinema, animation, fashion film/photography, philosophy, natural phenomenon, and the merging of science and technology. As a result of this research, my thesis offers thoughts concerning collaboration, the process and techniques used to create the final title sequence, and the fusion of fashion, animation, and cinema using digital and non-digital materials.


Stills from the Finished Title Sequence


Images from the 2013 Art2Wear Fashion Show



Puppet Animation

The following are experiments with puppet animation in After Effects. In Photoshop, the puppets were drawn, colored, and separated into pieces to allow for flexibility of movement. Once they were imported into After Effects, the puppets could be animated by grouping the separated pieces of the puppet’s body and moving anchor points to create bendable joints. During these experiments, I also used virtual cameras and “2.5D” layering in After Effects. I recorded the soundtrack for the “Shell” camera tracking test in Soundbooth.