Marine bulldog in his dress blues. This is a hand-painted with customized medal and ribbon details. Sculpture created by Cowpainters. Commissioned by Gary and Cheri’ Schroer.  If you are interested in commissioning one, feel free to message me or contact me at The body for each painted sculpture is available in standing position in two sizes. Additional sculpted details (such as the hat/cover) are added to body separately. 

Body Sizes:
Souvenir Size: 8″H (taller with hat) x 12″L x 6″D
Table-Top Size: 17″H (taller with hat) x 27″L x 13″D
Large: 30″H (taller with hat) x 50″L x 24″D *Not currently available*
Oversize: 44″H (taller with hat) x 70″L x 33″D *Not currently available*

Souvenir Size: $1500 including hat/cover $875 without hat/cover
Table-Top Size: $2500 including hat/cover $1800 without hat/cover
Large: *Not currently available*
Oversize: *Not currently available*

Each painted sculpture is coated with varnish to protect the paint against light, dust, and light moisture for indoor or covered display only.