Completed: 2010

My Involvement: All aspects (not responsible for the music)

Materials/Software: 7D Digital Camera, Omni Lights, Final Cut 7, Photoshop, After Effects


“Where Do Pigs Really Go When They Die?” is inspired by the book Pig 05049 by designer Christien Meindertsma. To research the book, Meindertsma spent three years tracking all of the products produced from the body of a single slaughtered pig named 05049. To her surprise, traces of this pig ended up in 185 consumer products. Some of the unexpected products included cigarettes, toothpaste, cosmetics, and even ammunition. The book is essentially a visual catalog documenting all 185 products.

In the film, I adapted and represented the content of the book using a first-person point of view. While I could not include every product, I developed a story progression that introduces a potion of these “pig influenced” products through a string of live action sequences.

Stills from the Film